Phonics Clip Cards and Boom Cards Mega Bundle

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This mega phonics activities bundle includes two different styles of phonics activities for phonics practice in the classroom or online.

Boom Cards are a great digital phonics activity, perfect for distance learning. Clip cards are a hands-on, tactile way for students to practice phonics skills. Both phonics activities are self-checking and provide instant feedback for students. You can choose to use one, or use them both!


Phonics Games for Kids - Long Vowel Digraphs



You will receive a deck of digital Boom Cards and a set of printable clip cards for each of the following phonics themes:

  • alphabet - initial sounds
  • consonant blends - L blends
  • consonant blends - R blends
  • consonant blends - S blends
  • consonant digraphs - CH, PH, SH, TH and WH
  • long vowel digraphs - AI, AY, EA, EE, OA and OW
  • r-controlled vowels - AR, ER, IR, OR and UR

You will also receive a phonics chart for each of the phonics themes and phonics worksheets on which your students will record their answers.

Each set in this bundle is available separately, or you can buy the bundle and save over 25%.


Initial Consonant Blends Phonics Activities



These clip cards are quick and easy to prepare and instructions are included. To prepare the clip cards, print on cardstock and cut around the edges and down the middle of the page to create two separate cards. Fold each card in half and glue together. For extra durability, laminate the cards. (Full instructions are included.)

Students use clothespins or paper clips to choose the letter/letters missing from the given word, then flip the card to check their answer against the correct one given on the back.


Kids Alphabet Activities for ESL Beginners



Boom Cards are digital, self-checking task cards that are hosted at Boom Learning. A set of Boom Cards is called a Deck.

To use Boom Cards, you must be connected to the Internet. Boom Cards play on modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge). Apps are available for Android, iPads, iPhones, and Kindle Fires. For security and privacy, adults must have a Boom Learning account to use and assign Boom Cards. You will be able to assign the Boom Cards you are buying with "Fast Pins," (play provides instant feedback for self-grading Boom Cards). Fast Play is always a free way for students to engage with Boom Cards decks. 

For additional assignment options, you'll need a premium account. If you are new to Boom Learning, you will be offered a free trial of our premium account. Read here for details: If you choose not to stay on a premium account after your free trial, you will still be able to assign all your Boom Cards to as many students as you see fit using Fast Play pins (which give instant feedback for decks that are self-grading). 



To instantly add all of the decks of Boom Cards included in this bundle to your Boom Account, please open the 'Bonus File' included in your purchase. The Bonus File contains a "One Click Redemption" link which will automatically add all Boom Card Decks to your account, saving you the time and hassle of adding each one individually.


Phonics Games for Kids - Consonant Digraphs


For full details of what's included in this bundle, please see the listings for each individual set of phonics clip cards and Boom Cards.



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