About Spark ESL

Teaching English Online From Home

Welcome to Spark ESL!

I’m Kyla and I’m the one behind-the-scenes here at Spark ESL. I’m an ESL teacher and I’ve been teaching solely online for over three years now.

Many moons ago, when I was just starting out teaching online, I noticed two things. First, I found that my students (every single one) LOVE to play games as part of their classes. When I did incorporate games or fun activities into their lessons, they were more engaged with the material and retained more of what we learned that day. I mean, it only makes sense, right? You can’t teach anything to a kid who’s so bored they’re falling asleep at the keyboard.

Second, I realized that I needed to give my students practice outside of our digital classes. The best way to learn a language is constant, daily practice and I knew that one or two half-hour lessons a week with me was not going to be enough. But I didn’t want this extra practice to be another chore for them. They’re just kids after all! I wanted this extra practice to be fun!

So, I began to hunt around for activities and games that were not only academically worthwhile, but also enjoyable and just plain fun for my students. Not finding what I was after, I decided to make my own!

And that, my friend, is how Spark ESL was born. 

This website is where I have compiled and made available to you the activities, flash cards, reward systems, games and worksheets that I love to create and love to use with my own students to boost their language learning experience and get them excited to learn and speak English.

I really believe (and I bet you do too!) that it’s possible to disguise "serious learning" behind fun activities and games. And it’s this idea that drives everything I do at Spark ESL. 

Whether you teach English online from your home or in a brick and mortar classroom somewhere in the world, I hope that you have as much fun using Spark ESL resources with your students as I do with mine.

Hugs, Kyla