FREE Valentine's Day Find a Star Reward System

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This FREE Valentine's Day 'Find a Star' secondary reward is always such a hit in my online ESL lessons in February, and I'm sure that it will be in yours as well! It will provide a welcome break and a bit of fun throughout your lessons and introduce your students to Valentine's Day and some fun Valentine's Day vocabulary. Not only that, but it is great for extension activities and provides loads of opportunities for free talk with your student/s.


  • 1 printable Valentine's-themed 'Find a Star' reward board (two versions of the board are included- one with the word underneath each picture and one without words)

  • Printable number squares for covering the reward board

  • Teachers' Notes- including instructions for preparing and using the reward system in your online ESL lessons.

(For full details of what's included in this resource, please download the free product file.)


This reward system is quick and easy to prepare. Simply:

  1. Choose the ‘Find a Star’ board that you would like to use. Two versions are included- with words and without words.
  2. Print the board and the number squares on page 4.
  3. Cut out the number squares.
  4. For extra durability, laminate the ‘Find a Star’ board and each number square.
  5. Place a piece of Blu Tack on the back of each number. Your reward system is ready to use! Have fun!


Place the ‘Find a Star’ board on a clipboard and stick the numbers over each square. You can place them in order (ie. 1-10 - this is recommended for younger students) or scramble the numbers. When your student/s perform well, say “Great Work!” and ask them to choose a number. Reveal what is underneath the number and say “Well done! You got a star!” or “Oh wow, you got a heart / a rose / a box of chocolates / a valentine / some candy. Remember to reward your student/s with a star in your teaching platform when they uncover a star.

This resource is suitable for all online teachers, including ESL teachers who work with companies such as VIPKID, DadaABC, GoGoKid, SayABC, iTutorGroup and Whales English.


'Find a Star' Rewards for Online ESL


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I wish you and your students loads of fun and learning with this activity!

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