Welcome to Spark ESL

Welcome to Spark ESL!

If you are an ESL teacher or the parent of a child who is learning English, you are in the right place!

This website is where I have compiled and made available to you the activities, games and worksheets that I love to create and love to use with my students to enhance their learning experience and get them excited to learn and speak English.

I truly believe that it is possible to disguise "serious learning" behind super fun activities and games and it is this belief that drives everything I do at Spark ESL. 

I have seen time and time again how my students learn and retain new material faster and easier when they are relaxed and having a good time. And I know from personal experience that when the student is happy, the teacher is happy. It is far more enjoyable to teach happy, engaged students than bored, frustrated ones!

So, whether you are teaching English online from your home or in a brick and mortar classroom somewhere in the world, I hope that you have as much fun using Spark ESL resources with your students as I do with mine!

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