Valentine’s Day ESL Activities

It's hard to believe that the first month of the new year has already passed, but here we are in February already! And this means that Valentine's Day is just around the corner.

Outside of the classroom, it can feel as though Valentine’s Day is all about roses and romance, but in the classroom it can be about a whole lot more than that. Like any holiday, special occasion or season, the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day are the perfect opportunity to introduce your students to loads of new vocabulary and get them talking about stimulating and relevant topics. Here are some Valentine's Day activities from Spark ESL that will help you do just that!


Valentine’s Day Word Wall (Members' Only FREEBIE)

Valentine’s Day, like any holiday or special occasion, is a great opportunity to introduce new vocabulary to your ESL students. One way that I love to introduce thematic vocabulary is to use word walls. Word walls are a great activity to get your students up and out of their seats, roaming around the room and burning off some excess energy, whilst at the same time learning new vocabulary and completing stimulating activities!

This month’s freebie for Spark ESL members is a Valentine’s Day themed word wall activity. It comes complete with instructions and ideas for using this activity in both your online ESL lessons and your B&M classroom.

Not a Spark ESL member yet? Don’t worry, it’s free to join and takes less than two minutes. And, as soon as you have confirmed your subscription, your first monthly freebie (which will be this Valentine’s Day Word Wall activity, if you join in February 2020) will arrive in your inbox right away!

And then, every month after that, you will receive another free ESL resource direct to your inbox! To join, pop your name down HERE and we’ll take care of the rest.


Valentine’s Day Literacy Puzzles

Challenging literacy puzzles are the tool of choice for many teachers when reviewing and reinforcing vocabulary and grammar points and studies have found that there is good reason for this. Word puzzles such as word searches, crosswords and other similar activities provide continued exposure to new words and grammar concepts, hold students’ interest for longer and can give a sense of achievement when complete.

Valentine’s Day Literacy Puzzles from Spark ESL have been designed to do all of that and more. They will provide ongoing exposure to Valentine’s Day vocabulary while delivering an enjoyable and engaging experience to your students. You may find that vocabulary recall is improved, and students are more comfortable with using the newly learned Valentine’s Day words.

Word puzzles make a great activity for students who finish their work early in class or can easily be assigned as a fun homework activity (online ESL teachers can digitally assign worksheets for students to complete).

Try out some word puzzles for free with this set of FREE Valentine’s Day Literacy Puzzles from Spark ESL.

Or get the full set of Valentine’s Day Word Puzzles.


Valentine's Day 'Find a Star' FREEBIE

Secondary rewards are a must in my online ESL classroom! They provide a welcome break (for both teacher and student!) and a bit of fun throughout your lessons.

This Valentine's Day 'Find a Star' Reward will introduce your students to Valentine's Day and some fun Valentine's Day vocabulary and provide ample opportunities for extension activities and free talk.

If you've never used a 'Find a Star' reward before, don't worry! It's simple to prepare and even easier to use, and just in case you need them, all instructions are included. Easy!

Oh, and did I mention it's free!?

Get started with 'Find a Star' rewards today by downloading Valentine's Day Find a Star Freebie.

I wish you and your students a very Happy Valentine’s Day and hope that you have a blast using these activities and worksheets in your ESL classes!

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