Getting Started with Boom Cards in the ESL Classroom

Getting Started with Boom Cards in the ESL Classroom

If you’re not using Boom Cards with your ESL students yet, you’re missing out! And so are they! Kids love Boom and, once you understand exactly what Boom Cards are and how they work, I think you will too.

Keep reading for all the info you need to get started with Boom in your ESL lessons.   

The Basics

Boom Cards are DIGITAL, self-checking task cards that are hosted online at Boom Learning. A set of Boom Cards is called a Deck. 


Using Boom Cards in the ESL Classroom


How Boom Cards Work

You can create your own decks of Boom Cards, or purchase decks from Boom authors. There are also loads of great free Boom decks available, such as this one - Free Alphabet Boom Cards.

Each card within a deck contains one question or task for your student to complete. Upon completion, students submit their answer and get instant feedback, allowing them to move on to the next card (if they got the answer right) or try again (if they submitted an incorrect answer).

Boom Cards - Digital Task Cards for ESL Beginners


What You Need to Use Boom Cards

  • a laptop, desktop computer or tablet (you will need the Boom Learning app if using a tablet)

  • a connection to a modern internet browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc)

  • a Boom Learning account- free and paid accounts are available


Using Boom for Free

With a free Boom Learning account, you can assign Boom Cards to students using "Fast Pins". Students still receive instant feedback, but their progress will not be recorded for you to monitor. When using “Fast Pins” students do not need an account to play.

To create a fast pin, log in to your Boom account and click on your Library. Next to each set of Boom Cards is a drop-down menu that says "Actions". Click the menu, then select "Fast Pin". Lastly, click "Generate Pin". A link will be generated which students can click to play.


Premium Boom Accounts 

A premium Boom account allows you to do everything a free account does, and more! With a premium account you can get reports about student progress and activity, assign students multiple decks to work on and create an entire classroom of student log-ins. You can see Boom’s very affordable pricing structure HERE.


Boom Cards in the ESL Classroom


Where can I go for more information about Boom Cards?

There is a great Help Section on the Boom Learning website and their YouTube Channel is also very informative. Check out these two sources for more information about Boom Learning, or feel free to reach out to me via the form on the Contact Page and I’ll do my best to help you out!

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