Christmas Festive Freebies

It's that time of year again! Whilst Christmas truly is a magical and joyful time of year, it's also really busy... especially for teachers the world over! So I want to make life a little easier for you this Christmas with some festive freebies! 


'Merry Christmas' Banner

Decorate your online (or B&M) classroom for Christmas quickly and easily with this festive and fun "Merry Christmas" banner. 

Three styles are provided for you to choose from- Christmas Red, Frozen Blue or Snowman Green. 

This Christmas decoration is quick and easy to prepare. Simply:

  1. Choose your favorite style and print all four pages 
  2. Cut out the individual pieces.
  3. Pin or Blu-Tack to your classroom wall or teaching backdrop

Your students will love the spark of color on your classroom wall or teaching backdrop!


Christmas Find a Star Secondary Reward System

This FREE Christmas 'Find a Star' secondary reward is always such a hit in my online ESL lessons in December, and I'm sure that it will be in yours as well! It will provide a welcome break and a bit of fun throughout your lessons and introduce your students to Christmas and some fun Christmas vocabulary. Not only that, but it is great for extension activities and provides loads of opportunities for free talk with your student/s.

Preparing the Reward System

This reward system is quick and easy to prepare. Simply:

1. Print the 'Find a Star' reward board and the number circles.
2. Cut out the number circles.
3. For extra durability, laminate the reward board and the numbers.
4. Place a piece of Blu Tack on the back of each button.
5. Your reward system is ready to use! Merry Christmas!

Using the Reward System

Place the 'Find a Star' board on a clipboard and stick the numbers over each circle. You can place them in order (ie. 1-9 - this is recommended for younger students) or scramble the numbers. When your student/s perform well, say “Great Work!” and ask them to choose a number. Reveal what is underneath the number and say “Well done! You got a star!” or “Oh wow, you got Santa / a stocking / a reindeer / a Christmas tree!” Remember to reward your student/s with a star in your teaching platform when they uncover a star.

I hope you have a blast using these festive freebies with your ESL students this December. Happy Teaching... and Happy Christmas!


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